This is Why You Carry Smokes on Miramar ft. WTFMoses – chocoTaco PUBG Gameplay

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Why do so many of #chocoTaco ‘s games lately start out so slow and then have crazy endings? Because hot drops are no longer hot, apparently. At least not on #Miramar. Although I’m not sure Chumacera was ever a hot drop. Someone help me out on this. Anyway, after choco and wtfmoses drop in a place that may or may not have once been a hot drop but certainly isn’t now, the duo get into some weird battles involving fences and cliffs and barrels, but choco’s M24 just isn’t performing up to its usual standard. choco makes up for that later, though, after knocking someone with a bizarre pre-fire thorugh a warehouse door. His sniper game continues to be on, but both guys seem to have targets painted on their backs (I mean technically their pans do) as they fight their way toward center circle. At one point they have at least three teams shooting at them, but does choco lose his cool? Not once. Even while driving a buggy through an open field to get to the only hut in the tiny final circle, choco keeps his head so well that he remembers to launch the 6 or 7 or however many smokes he’s been hoarding the whole game for just this moment and snags the final two kills (despite moses getting knocked) to win the chicken dinner. #PUBG

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